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We’ve Got You Covered! (and What Goes Inside Too)

What You DREAM - RANDOMATRIX - book design - covers - interiors

Yeah, we got your covers right here, and we got your interiors too! (imagine that being said with a Brooklyn accent)

Covers and interiors of WHAT, you ask? Well, if you don’t already know, and have to ask, there’s a good chance you won’t be interested in the answer, but it’s — BOOKS. That’s right, we do book covers and interiors, and we do them VERY, VERY WELL!

The book designers in our exist:create division are a well-seasoned bunch of book-lovers, with broad, deep, varied experience, and a team design resume that’s pretty much second-to-none. That may be bragging a little, but we are certainly way up there among the few, the proud, and those still designing books — in volume — today and for the foreseeable future.

Our designers are intuitive, and efficient, leveraging their years of experience and great skills, to deliver fresh, modern and classic designs for our publishing clients.

Of course, books are not just “books” any more. Once you get past the basics — hard or soft-cover, dimensions, page count, spine size, and blablabla — there are e-books, CD’s/DVD’s, special packaging, boxes, flashcards, and more.  It’s not really just designing books any more, it’s really books+product+packaging design, and yes, we do it ALL!

So, if you are a publisher, you should put our design team to work!

Get in touch, and let us propose something for you…

Send an e-mail to or use the form below to request more information, and to request work samples from our designers’ portfolios. References are available upon request once we have met with you to discuss your needs…

We look forward to working with you! 


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180 MPH

The Klemantaski Collection is a valued client of exist:create a division of Exist Management LLC, formerly DREAMIT.

Click here to check out their first blog post, made with our assistance, of course!  Or click the image below…

The Klemantaski Collection - our valued client - What You DREAM / RANDOMATRIX

1957 Mille Miglia
Ferrari 335 Sport; Collins/Klemantaski

It’s a great image and vignette/story, if you like vintage auto-racing, motor-sports, or just driving on a sunny day with the top down…



Klemantaski Collection

Mille Miglia Ferrari

A drive in the countryside? Well, perhaps – but this drive was in the 1957 Mile Miglia, a race all around Italy on public roads in May 1957. In this sunny photo, taken by Louis Klemantaski, the Ferrari in which they were riding was traveling at over 180 mph down a long straight stretch of road along the Adriatic Coast. You can see the car’s tachometer hovering at 7500 rpm which in fourth gear gave this speed. The driver, part of whose face you can see in the  car’s rearview mirror, was Peter Collins. Collins and Klemantaski came very close to winning this Mile Miglia at a record speed, but the differential  of their car  broke at Parma, some 80 miles before the finish.

Photo © The Klemantaski Collection

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33 Minutes on 13th Street NYC

33 Minutes on 13th Street / Street Photography by Remages / What You DREAM

An observation of the feet of passersby on 13th street in New York City, captured during the move of a millennial into a new apartment…

remages / photography / multimedia — provided through exist:management.

33 Minutes-on-13th-St-NYC from exist:create on Vimeo.



I sat there on the stoop, exhausted from moving one of my kids into a tiny NYC apartment, waiting for food to be delivered… I watched the people walk by, then observed their footwear, leg-wear, dogs-on-leashes, and walking style, with amusement and occasional amazement.

33 minutes on 13th Street NYC - remages

I clicked away on my iPhone using the Hipstamatic camera app, to capture some of it, for 33 minutes…  Today, I put all the still images into a 2:33 video clip with music and titles, just for fun – enjoy!  See video links at bottom of post…

Images: captured on iPhone 5 with Hipstamatic camera app, using the Watts and the gritty, monochrome AO BW film (Nike) combination.

Video: assembled, titled, and music added using the SPLICE video editing app on iPhone 5.

Music: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis “Thrift Shop” (explicit lyrics version)

In each image, notice how the foot planted on the pavement is clear…

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